About Us

Who are we?
Canada Got Sole is a group of individuals who share a common passion for both sneakers as well as the culture surrounding them. Our goal is to spread positivity, build connections, and ultimately bring the entirety of Canada’s sneaker community together. 


Lawrence Hopkins // LDoggy // @LDoggyStyles

"I’ve been in to shoes my whole life. As a kid I would constantly be asking my mom for a new pair. I started actually collecting shoes in 2008 when I got my first job – at Foot Locker. Since then I’ve worked at multiple different shoe stores and have watched my taste expand from Dunks, to basketball shoes, to Runners and everything in between. I can’t currently imagine a life where sneakers don’t play a massive role, and I like it that way"

Alvin Quincy Martinez // QMart // @misterQmart

"I am an 80s Baby, who grew up watching the GOAT Michael Jordan Play. He was the reason I was into sneakers. Started this amazing passion for the Soles in 04′, and its been here ever since. We started Canada Got Sole in 2013 to help build the Canadian Sneaker Community and loving every moment of it


Joel Hernandez // Doon // @jo_doooney

"Resides in Mississauga but Etobicoke Lakeshore raised.  Hip hop was BIG back in my day – to the jams at church halls to basement furnace thumping parties. It was a MUST to rock the freshest, illest kicks to rep your block. Kangol Bells, Adidas Shells and Puma Suedes with the fat laces was the sh*t.  My collection is diverse like the city we live in.  From Vans to NBs to Adidas to Jordans to king swoosh. Everything and anything that catches my eye is copped and worn.  I’ve been collecting since 2005.  I’ve witnessed all of Jordan’s championships.  I’ve witnessed sneaker culture at its best and have witnessed it at its worst. I consider Canada Got Sole as more than just a couple of sneakerheads;  it’s more or less a brotherhood – a family.  Thank you all for making us- US!  Our following on IG and social media throughout the years have put us where we’re at"